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Abayas: Islamic dress-code and religious symbol

In Islamic tradition, there are various outer garments which are worn by women like Niqab, Hijab, Burqa, Abaya, Chador, Dupatta etc. These outer garments allow Muslim women to dress in a modest way. These are designed in a manner to cover the body from being exposed to the outsiders. Therefore, these are not tight fitted clothes. Abaya is one of the popular attire amongst them which plays a significant role in covering the women body.

Abaya is an outer-garment like a robe. It is full-length from neck to toe. It comes along with Hijab (Scarf) which is used for the purpose of covering the head. The style of wearing Abayas varies from culture to culture. Also, the Hijab can be draped in numerous classy ways. Buy Abayas online at with the great assortment and subtle designs.

Shifting Trend in Abayas

Usually, this attire is perceived to be a simply stitched dress for Casual wear. Also, black is the only colour that comes to our mind when we think of this attire. Visit our website and get mesmerized with the collection of stylish Burkhas for females.

With time, there has been a drastic change and it has given way to the beautifully decorated Abayas. They are adorned using different work like copper, silver, gold and also beads. Big Patches and Buttons are also in trend. This beautification is done primarily on the sleeves, neckline, and cuffs. Rest of the fabric remains plain.

Buy Burkhas online at and get some great deals and discounts with best quality and fabric which makes it convenient and easy to wear. Many colours are being used for Abayas other than black. Printed Abayas are also in trend. The Abayas designed by the fashion designers using unique ideas are also available in the market. There are also popular brands for this attire.

Joy of Dressing in Abayas

The Wardrobe of Muslim women is full of this attire. They have Abayas for all occasions as Casual wear, Semi-casual, and Party wear. For their visits to local places, Casual Abayas are preferred, for places visited less frequently Semi-Casual Abayas are worn and for special occasions like Parties and Weddings, Party wear Abayas are picked

As for other dresses, women prefer to carry a matching handbag and put on matching footwear, the same goes for Abayas. For every Abaya, a matching handbag and shoes are bought. Although it is not suggested to wear a lot of jewelry. Light make-up should be applied to avoid the dazzling look

Splendid Variety of Abayas on

Find your favorite Abayas at with a wide range of fabric like Chiffon, Cotton, Crepe, Georgette, Lycra, Net, Rayon, Satin, Velvet, Viscose in unique colours as Beige, Gold, Teal, Turquoise. This attire is also available in ordinary colours as Black, Off-White, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Pink etc.

The Work on this outfit makes it look even more graceful. It varies from Plain to Printed. Other works as Panal Work, Solid Print, Stone Print, Stone Work, Beads, Crystal Lycra, Embroidery and Floral Print are also offered.

With so many choices available at, pick up the best for yourself and have a wonderful experience of dressing in this traditional outfit.