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Casual Sarees Online

The comfort of casual sarees

To start with casual sarees, it has to be mentioned that the word ‘causal’ has nothing to do with its style and make. Much to the contrary, a casual saree can be adorned like a designer saree and no one can actually recognize difference. These are very popular sarees in India because of the comfort they add to a daily wear. Yes this is the best to describe a casual drape that these can be worn on a daily basis. Otherwise these sarees are no different than any other saree. Hence there is nothing casual about it, barring the name that suggests these sarees are different than a designer or a bridal saree.

Why give it importance?                    

The problem with heavily worked sarees is that one cannot be worn for everyday purposes. One cannot wear them to work, a meeting, for shopping or simply at home. Therein appears the need of casual wear sarees as an absolute necessity. Usually these can be worn for a longer time causing no discomfort at all. In general these are light in weight, available in various shades and last longer as compared to any other saree. These sarees are for rough use that can bear the burden of regular wear and tear. Additionally it has to be stated that these have a moderate asking price on the whole. Hence, these sarees should be chosen with great care while buying as these have to bear a lot.

Why wear casual sarees

Now if there are more queries regarding why wear a casual saree in the very first place, then here is the solution to this query. For an avid saree wearer these come as a blessing for sure. That is correct as these sarees are regular wear sarees, it becomes important that these:

These are comfortable to be worn for longer hours

  • Lets the skin breathe
  • Be low on maintenance
  • Moderately priced for regular use
  • Has to be stylish

Yes many would not agree with the last point but it is a fact that women tend to confuse a casual wear one with no designer saree. However this is not at all true as these casual wear drapes could also be adorned in the same way like a designer saree is. The problem is women prefer to choose to lesser detailed casual wears as that they are comfy. So it is the choice and not a predicament that women get confounded with.

How to style casual sarees

Since these are casual, keeping it minimum can do a lot of for that edgy look while sporting these sarees. These could be worn with a designer blouse, a spaghetti strap, halter or just a matching blouse that comes with saree. Talking of which our exclusive tailoring services need special mention here. That is correct has come with a unique section of customizing clothes by tailoring them for our esteemed clients like no other retailer has ever thought of.

Jewelry and makeup:

In continuation mention has to be made about jewelry like a Meenakari, gold or silver earrings and bangles, even glass bangles can create that look along with flats sandals and kitten heels. This can really add glam to any casual outfit and make the wearer look as stunning. Add a dash of face compact, line eyes with kohl and match a lipstick or apply gloss in nude colors to make it more dramatic.


A piece of advice would not to overdo things and keeping them minimal for that elegant look. Remember the more the deck up, the less chances of getting noticed. There is certainly no point in spoiling this casual attire what could seem to be more beautiful in the name of a casual wear.

How to maintain these sarees

Whenever the question of maintaining a saree comes one has to make sure that they are kept properly in a cool and dark place as this helps to avoid discoloring. Along with this there are a few more pointers that can make it easy for anyone to preserve them. Here are a few of them:

  1. Hanging them properly in the cupboard is another point.
  2. If folded then refolding them if not wearing them can be a good idea.
  3. Dry these in open air, this way one can get them rid of the sweat and dust.
  4. Do not let them out directly under the sun.
  5. Keep them safe from insects and pests by using moth balls.
  6. These could be wrapped with muslin cloth or a bag for additional safety.
  7. Depending on the fabric wash them at home.
  8. If possible take refuge in professional services for cleaning and washing. casual saree range has an assortment of casual sarees online that is a collective of varied materials and works. Materials like crepe, cotton, blend, silk, Bhagalpuri, georgette, chiffon, net and jacquard can be found extensively in this collection. Works like that of zari, patch work, appliqué, cut work, border work, velvet patch border, butta, stone, resham, printed sarees like batik, flowral prints and Madhubani could be easily discovered in our gallery. In other words we have combined this collection into a summit where fashion, comfort and style meet together. is proud to present is a leading retail brand that is proud to bring a wide range of casual sarees collection to its valued clientele. We verily realize the need for these regular wear sarees for women across the world. The ease and comfort that these sarees can provide is beyond imagination. This is why we have taken the responsibility of ensuring that these reach the doorstep of our customers within a span of 7 to 10 days within metropolitan cities and 10 to 15 days if located in rest of the cities in India. Moreover we have options of Cash on Delivery for the same. We also cater to other countries like US, Canada, Australia, Europe and lot more. So do try our new collection of sarees today!