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Organza Printed Party Wear SR054117866


USD 63.33 USD 98.84 (36% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Party Wear SR054117818


USD 69.09 USD 108.44 (36% OFF)

Soft Net Embroidery Party Wear SR054118003


USD 45.09 USD 71.01 (36% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Party Wear SR054118081


USD 38.37 USD 60.45 (37% OFF)

Silk Embroidery Party Wear SR054118048


USD 52.77 USD 82.53 (36% OFF)

Organza Embroidery Party Wear SR054118102


USD 57.57 USD 90.2 (36% OFF)

Georgette Embroidered Saree In White Colour - SR1541014


USD 61.41 USD 95.96 (36% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Saree In Wine And Black Colour - SR5415027


USD 39.33 USD 62.37 (37% OFF)

Georgette Designer Saree In Sky Blue Colour - SR4690058


USD 84.44 USD 185.23 (54% OFF)

Georgette Designer Saree In Light Green Colour - SR4690056


USD 84.44 USD 185.23 (54% OFF)

Net Resham Work Saree In Red Colour


USD 88.28 USD 138.19 (36% OFF)

Rangoli Silk Designer Saree In Lavender Colour - SR1541735


USD 95 USD 208.26 (54% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Saree In Teal Blue Colour - SR5415088


USD 35.49 USD 55.65 (36% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Saree In Navy Blue Colour - SR4690791


USD 112.28 USD 246.65 (54% OFF)

Rangoli Silk Designer Saree In Pink Colour - SR1541738


USD 95 USD 208.26 (54% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Sarees SR054110777


USD 51.81 USD 81.57 (36% OFF)

Net Embroidery Saree In Grey Colour - SR4690548


USD 84.44 USD 185.23 (54% OFF)

Art Silk Designer Saree In Olive Green Colour


USD 72.93 USD 114.2 (36% OFF)

Net Embroidery Saree


USD 96.92 USD 211.14 (54% OFF)

Net Embroidery Saree In Dusty Pista Green Colour - SR4690805


USD 74.85 USD 117.08 (36% OFF)

Net Embroidery Saree In Light Brown Colour


USD 96.92 USD 211.14 (54% OFF)

Georgette Embroidery Party Wear SR054117740


USD 43.17 USD 67.17 (36% OFF)

Satin Silk Embroidery Party Wear SR054117721


USD 146.83 USD 321.52 (54% OFF)

Net Designer Saree SR01541365


USD 57.57 USD 89.24 (35% OFF)

Jimmy Choo Silk Designer Saree SR01541598


USD 92.12 USD 202.5 (55% OFF)

South Silk Woven Work Saree SR05201315


USD 73.89 USD 116.12 (36% OFF)

South Silk Woven Work Saree SR05201314


USD 73.89 USD 116.12 (36% OFF)

Jimmy Choo Silk Designer Saree SR01541602


USD 92.12 USD 202.5 (55% OFF)

Jimmy Choo Silk Designer Saree SR01541601


USD 92.12 USD 202.5 (55% OFF)

Organza Designer Saree SR04690834


USD 161.23 USD 353.19 (54% OFF)

Organza Designer Saree SR04690835


USD 161.23 USD 353.19 (54% OFF)

Organza Designer Saree SR04690797


USD 117.08 USD 255.29 (54% OFF)

Silk Designer Saree SR04690877


USD 189.06 USD 414.62 (54% OFF)

Net Designer Saree SR01541366


USD 57.57 USD 89.24 (35% OFF)

Net Designer Saree SR01541363


USD 57.57 USD 89.24 (35% OFF)

Tissue Designer Saree SR01541409


USD 57.57 USD 89.24 (35% OFF)

Tissue Designer Saree SR01541412


USD 57.57 USD 89.24 (35% OFF)

Samo Satin Designer Saree SR00491501


USD 146.83 USD 321.52 (54% OFF)

Organza Designer Saree SR00491499


USD 124.76 USD 272.57 (54% OFF)

Net Designer Saree SR00491500


USD 120.92 USD 265.85 (55% OFF)
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Partywear sarees at Ninecolours embody the essence of Indian tradition blended with contemporary fashion, making them an ideal choice for a variety of festive and celebratory occasions. These sarees are not just pieces of clothing; they are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India, showcasing intricate designs, vibrant colors, and exquisite craftsmanship. When these sarees are paired with complementary jewelry, and when menswear and kids wear are coordinated with them, it creates a complete and harmonious look that is perfect for family celebrations and social gatherings.

The Allure of Partywear Sarees at Ninecolours

Ninecolours has carved a niche for itself in the realm of ethnic wear, particularly in sarees. The partywear sarees from this brand are a perfect amalgamation of quality, elegance, and style. Made from luxurious fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon, and net, each saree offers a unique appeal. The designs range from time-honored motifs to contemporary patterns, appealing to a wide range of preferences. The embellishments - be it sequins, beads, or intricate embroidery - add a touch of glamour and sophistication, making these sarees ideal for weddings, parties, and festive events.

Complementing Jewelry

The elegance of a partywear saree is significantly enhanced when paired with the right jewelry. Ninecolours offers an exquisite collection of jewelry that perfectly complements their sarees. Traditional gold, polki, and kundan jewelry are excellent choices for silk sarees, adding a touch of royalty. For a more modern look, one might choose statement pieces in silver, platinum, or even costume jewelry. Accessories like chandelier earrings, multi-layered necklaces, and ornate bangles can elevate the overall look of the saree. The key is to strike a balance between the jewelry and the saree’s design and color palette.

Menswear: The Perfect Match

Ninecolours also offers a range of menswear that is designed to complement the women's partywear sarees. This collection includes elegant sherwanis, stylish kurta pajamas, and chic Indo-western outfits, all crafted in fabrics and hues that harmonize with the women's sarees. For instance, a man can choose a sherwani in a hue that matches or contrasts beautifully with his partner's saree. This coordination in outfits adds an extra layer of style and sophistication to the couple's appearance at any event.

Kids Wear for a Unified Family Look

To complete the family ensemble, Ninecolours presents an adorable collection of kids wear. For girls, there are mini versions of sarees and lehengas that mirror the styles of the adult versions. Boys can choose from kurtas and sherwanis that align with the menswear collection. Dressing children in outfits that complement the adults' partywear creates a charming and cohesive family look, ideal for family photographs and gatherings.

Diversity and Range

The diversity in the partywear sarees at Ninecolours is impressive. They cater to all ages and body types, ensuring that every woman can find a saree that suits her personal style and body shape. The color palette is extensive, ranging from soft pastels to rich, deep tones, ensuring a saree for every occasion, be it a daytime event or an evening celebration.

Customization and Customer Care

Ninecolours stands out for its customization services. Customers can have their sarees and blouses tailored to their specific measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. This service extends to menswear and kids wear, making Ninecolours a comprehensive shopping destination for family outfits. The brand is known for its customer-centric approach, offering assistance in selection, customization, and post-purchase services.

Ninecolours is a popular online store that offers a wide range of Indian ethnic wear, including a variety of partywear sarees. The specific types of sarees available can vary based on current fashion trends, seasonal collections, and customer preferences. However, here are some common types of partywear sarees that you might find at Ninecolours or similar stores:

Designer Sarees: These sarees are often exclusive and come with unique designs. They might feature modern cuts, innovative drapes, and stylish embellishments.

Bollywood Replica Sarees: Inspired by sarees worn by Bollywood celebrities, these sarees are popular for their glamorous and trendy appeal.

Lehenga Sarees: Combining the elegance of a saree with the convenience of a lehenga, these are a hit for parties and weddings.

Silk Sarees: Including varieties like Banarasi, Kanchipuram, or Art Silk, these sarees are known for their rich texture and vibrant colors.

Georgette and Chiffon Sarees: Lightweight and flowy, these sarees are often chosen for their graceful drape and are available in various prints and embroideries.

Net Sarees: These sarees offer a contemporary look and are often adorned with embroidery, stones, or sequins.

Velvet Sarees: Known for their luxurious feel, velvet sarees can be found with heavy embroidery or in more understated styles.

Embroidered Sarees: Featuring detailed embroidery, these sarees can range from subtly elegant to extravagantly ornate.

Sequin Sarees: Perfect for a glamorous party look, these sarees are embellished with shiny sequins.

Satin Sarees: These sarees have a smooth finish and offer a sophisticated look, suitable for evening parties.

To get the most current information on the types of partywear sarees available at Ninecolours, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting their customer service. Fashion trends can change rapidly, and they might have introduced new styles or collections since my last update.

Amazing Shimmer sarees

Shimmer sarees at Ninecolours represent a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary style, making them a popular choice for modern women seeking a glamorous look for special occasions. These sarees are characterized by their sparkling appearance, which is achieved through the use of shimmering fabrics or the addition of glittery embellishments such as sequins, stones, and metallic threads.

The fabric used in shimmer sarees typically includes lightweight and flowy materials like georgette, chiffon, or net, which are ideal for achieving a graceful drape and enhancing the saree's luminous effect. The shimmer is often strategically placed either throughout the saree or in specific areas like the border or pallu (the hanging end of the saree), creating a striking contrast and adding to the saree's overall allure

Ninecolours offers a diverse range of shimmer sarees in various colors, from classic shades like gold, silver, and black to vibrant hues like red, blue, and pink. This variety ensures that there is a shimmer saree for every taste and occasion, whether it's a wedding saree, a festive celebration, or a formal event.

The beauty of shimmer sarees from Ninecolours also lies in their versatility. They can be styled in numerous ways and paired with different types of blouses – from traditional full-sleeve blouses to modern crop tops – allowing wearers to create a unique look that reflects their personal style. Accessories like statement jewelry, elegant clutches, and high heels can further enhance the saree's glamour, making the wearer stand out in any crowd.