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When it comes to cultural icons of India, the saree is easily one of the most recognizable articles that have stood the test of time, providing style, elegance and grace to Indian women or any who adopt it, for millennia. This nine-yard work of art is a blank canvas for the expression of taste and creativity, reflecting its principles of simplicity and flexibility of purpose.

This is a highly versatile garment and it can be used in a variety of circumstances. Whether it's a beautiful bridal saree on one's special day, whether it's one for other social events including parties and gatherings, religious visits, or even for general everyday wear, the saree is accommodating enough to fulfill a vast spectrum of requirements, all the while, providing comfort and great style.

Just like the saree's principle of simplicity, online saree shopping is the simplest and most convenient way to shop for sarees today, with an enormous number choices available with a single click, ranging from the latest designer sarees to traditional, ethnic creations of pride.

Ninecolours has the Best Collection of Sarees

This is exactly what makes Ninecolours such a fine place to shop at. A wonderfully curated repository of online sarees, you can make sure you don't miss out on the large collection of the finest saree designs at equally sweet prices, encompassing various materials including cotton, silk, net, crepe, Georgette, Chiffon, etc. And of course, that also includes the different styles of sarees to cater to a wide spectrum of occasions such as party sarees, casual sarees, formal sarees, bridal sarees, etc. It all spans from traditional pieces of art such as silk sarees that come out of a handloom, to modern printed ones. And the best part? All of this arrives at your doorstep on time with no extra efforts required on your part.

Personalization is one of the greatest luxuries of all time. Having an article made just for you, representing just you is something so compelling. It's like a material extension of your signature, coveted by all in the know. Just like your saree is your pride, Ninecolours prides in 'YouDesign', the feature that allows you to customize your saree to your taste with so many options to choose from, including floral prints, abstract designs, beads, cut work, Cut Dana, mirror work, Resham work, stonework, Zari work, Zardozi work, and so much more. Think about it in a wedding context, just as an example. Imagine wearing the wedding saree you designed for yourself on your important day. Now that's truly special, isn't it?

Of course, we can go on from that point to thinking about designing a saree that matches and compliments his Sherwani suit, Kurta Pajama, turban, shirt, blazer, etc. You can even match your saree with that of your daughter; the Girl's saree section has got that covered for you. Just be prepared for the rain of compliments coming your way.

When it comes to each individual saree, the details make all the difference. For example, imagine you're going out for a romantic dinner. A net saree would be a brilliant choice as the style truly compliments the atmosphere of the situation.

Best Place for Wedding Saree Shopping

While we talk a lot about the wedding saree collection, it also doesn't serve much justice not to bring the spotlight onto the casual saree. Clean, simple, and with an air of light-heartedness, the casual saree serves as an elegant choice for dressing down without looking like, well, dressed down. That's the signature power of elegance of the saree. More than just another fashion choice, it truly is a statement of its own. In many ways, it's a way of life.

Though the saree has existed for thousands of years, modern designers have been successful in giving it the contemporary twist it deserves and can easily accommodate. For example, the Dhoti saree, favored by celebrities like Sonam Kapoor is a new version of the traditional piece of apparel. This is truly an excellent example of innovation led by necessity. We are in the age of convenience, and as people, we want convenience in our lifestyles. But the fact of the matter is, convenience can sometimes come at a cost. In the world of fashion, it can very well be style itself. After all, it's not like everyone finds it a breeze to drape a full 9 yard saree, do they? Yet, the allure of the exquisite garment is too much to resist.

The solution? The Dhoti saree. It looks just as great, yet solves the two main problems of the traditional saree. The complexity of wearing it and the time it takes to do the same. Sounds too good to be true, but in this case, it most certainly isn't. And in case you wonder, no style has been sacrificed in the name of convenience. And from pink and peach to bright orange, feisty reds to midnight blues and cozy purples, you can shop for such sarees in all hues and shades with the patterns of your choice. It's a win-win.

Saree Fabrics

Let's talk materials. Cotton sarees have been a favorite for centuries on end due to their comfort, breathability, durability, and versatility. Though cotton sarees make for an excellent choice for the more everyday saree, silk sarees are usually the preferred choice for special occasions. Beautiful traditions have been formed and preserved for ages when it comes to the production of silk sarees. Banarasi silk, Mysore Silk, Gadwal Silk and Kanchipuram Silk are just a few noteworthy examples. These places have become so deep rooted in the craft that they've become famous just for it. And it's all well deserved. The quality of the sarees from these places are usually exceptional and they will be lovingly embellished with beautiful detail work. And of course, you can find a wide range of such beautiful silk sarees from Ninecolours.

Sarees do really well with accessories. Jewellery, especially. In fact, they almost seem like they're made for each other as they complement each other so wonderfully. Jhumkas, Chandbalis, Mangtikas, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, all work together spectacularly with the saree, giving off an ethereal aura altogether.

With such a comprehensive history behind it, the saree is a truly fantastic all-rounder when it comes to apparel. Wouldn't you want to create your own personal history with this wonderful garment? At Ninecolours, you have all the choices you'd ever need, along with the flexibility to express your own talent at designing one; what you can call, your very own, truly. So what are you waiting for?