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Customer Testimonials

Good quality product

I loved my ordered lehenga and I am really super happy. For that reason, I always buy from your website. The products are really good always.. Thanks Ninecolours!!

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Ludhiana 18:52:31 12-12-2016
Order on time!!

I got my order in my hand on the mentioned time!!

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Patna 18:49:36 12-12-2016
Honest services

I have not seen any website who is so honest for their services, most of them don't want o loose the sale but ninecolours dont want to loose customers and thats why they speak truth always!!

Jagruti Patel
Average Rating:

Hongkong 18:48:47 12-12-2016
Customer friendly company

Ninecolours just not focus on sales, but on making good customer relationship, they wont make false promise for delivery of products..!!

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Mumbai 18:47:48 12-12-2016
Trustworthy online website

They never make false promises so that we dont have to call and ask them everytime, they are straightforwar d for telling the possible delivery date. They will directly say no if it is not possible for them to send the product. They just not focus on sales..!!

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Jamnagar 18:47:05 12-12-2016
Professional in nature

They have always sent the product on the promised time and they are very professional with it..!!

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Ahemdabad 18:43:39 12-12-2016
Trendy collection!!

The website is not just loaded with hell lot of products but all of them are trendy and up fashionable. They have right balance of typical traditional to contemprory traditional products...!!

Average Rating:

Baroda 18:42:37 12-12-2016
Amazing experience

Ninecolours is a trustworthy online organization. I am associated them since their starting and it has been a smooth and great journey with them!!

Ruhi Oberoi
Average Rating:

Delhi 18:37:41 12-12-2016

Highly recommend ninecolours as they are very loyal and trustworthy!!

Vatsana Joshi
Average Rating:

Patna 18:34:34 12-12-2016
Value worthy products!

The products are value worthy!! Its difficult to get beautiful clothes in this less prices!!

Amy Mary
Average Rating:

Boston 18:33:18 12-12-2016
Best place to shop!!!!!

Ninecolours is the best place to shop specially for the brides-to-be. They can shop from simple to fancy variety for meeting their in laws, going on dates, going to their family functions. Its very easy to get the best in best price here!!

Pretti Dutta
Average Rating:

Guwahati 18:31:04 12-12-2016
Easy on pocket products!

I am saving my husbands pocket, you know how? I have started purchasing from m where i get good clothes at reasonable prices. Thank you guys!

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Hyderabad 18:29:48 12-12-2016
Reasonable product

My kitty memebers always come wearing new outfits in kitty and I always use to think how do they manage to purchase new suits n saree every time and then I came to know about ninecolours.. i even started purchasing from ninecolours!!

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Lucknow 18:28:37 12-12-2016
Trustworthy website!

I have ordered more than 50 products till date and all of them were beautiful. You have win my faith and now I can order lumsum products from ninecolours!!

Shweta Ramani
Average Rating:

Ullasnagar 18:25:35 12-12-2016
Beautiful ethnic wears!!

I am fond of wearing ethnics rather than westerns and everywhere I see that western is reasonable than ethnics so fianally I got Ninecolours where I can get good quality product in reasonable prices.

Siddhi Parab
Average Rating:

Igatpuri 18:24:35 12-12-2016
My mom is happy!

My mom have to attend many social gatherings as she is into social service and she does not take care of her appearance so I bought few sarees from ninecolours and she is happy to get them and she was surprised to know their prices.

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Chennai 18:22:56 12-12-2016
Good experience.

All in all good experience, I ordered 4 products and one product turned out to be of not that good quality and I called customer care executive to make the complaints and they replaced it very quickly!!

Miley Jackson
Average Rating:

Los Angeles 18:11:31 12-12-2016
The products are outstanding.

I ordered 3 outfits, 2 saree and 1 suit for gifting and all of them are just outstanding. My mother in law, grandma and sister in law appreciated my choice and got impressed with me.

Ishani Malhotra
Average Rating:

Georgia 18:09:33 12-12-2016
I was so surprised!

With reference to the telephone conversation I had with you, I'm pleased to inform you that I have received the package on 10th December 2016. I was so surprised and impressed the way you have packed the products and the quality of the items/fabrics. I have received lots of good comments from my customers. For last few months I was purchasing from another supplier in India and I have received complains and as well as return the items, but I was so happy, as all my customers given a very positive comments on the items I have purchased from you. Therefore I have decided to continue with you and stop my other supplier. Hope you will serve the best as per the previous and provide your best service with good quality products.

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Shri Lanka 18:07:19 12-12-2016
Good return policy!!!!!!

I was not satisfied with the quality of one of the product and I called them to return it, they were so helpful and humble they replaced it and I said I don't want to purchase anything at the moment so they gave me cashback.

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Delhi 00:00:00 12-07-2016
Great Experience!!

The transaction and overall process was smooth. It was time as well as energy saving. I didn't had to think much before ordering as I have already purchased products from m and every time it was a great experience. Thankyou.

Gaurav Mehta
Average Rating:

Mumbai 00:00:00 12-04-2016
Just Wow!

So loyal and trustworthy. You guies have won my trust I ordered 5 products 3 same suit and 2 same saree and all of them are great also your complimentary services are superb. I am surely going to continue purchasing from m. I recommend it to my friends and Family.

Varsha Bajaj
Average Rating:

Ahemdabad 00:00:00 12-03-2016
Best Variety.

The reason behind coming on this site again and again is variety of products and the customer services. The variety is excellent, every time you visit the site they give you new beautiful options which makes it easy to choose and get the best trendiest clothes in my budget too. I love it!!

Beena Gupta
Average Rating:

Ambala 00:00:00 12-03-2016
Excellent customer care!

My ordered items arrived within the mentioned date. I appreciate it very much. Because I was not exactly sure for it. I am very happy with your gentle service and excellent customer care. Hope to place some more orders. Keep up the good work!! Thank you, m!!

Priyanka Dharamsi
Average Rating:

Baroda 00:00:00 12-03-2016

I liked my ordered outfit and I got so many compliments last night. I appreciate Ninecolours I appreciate you for keeping my special request about kurta length. The length was perfect as I wanted and fitting was superb too. Thanks for everything.

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Murti 00:00:00 12-01-2016
Well stitched as well

Item was delivered on the mentioned time. The best of all is that it is exactly as described on the site and by the customer executive. Well stitched as well !! Excellent service. The quality is good. Thank you for the quick service and saving my time. Looking forward for more shopping with you.!!

Shruti Singh
Average Rating:

Jamnagar 18:08:56 11-29-2016
Very pleased!!

I am very pleased with my order. The color is lovely and the fabric is of good quality. The cut and embroidery of the anarkali suit is very pretty. Thank you for this and for my last four orders.

Ankita Methwani
Average Rating:

Bina 17:36:16 11-29-2016
Amazing services!

Thanku Ninecolours. The complete purchashing, shipping and recieving process was smooth and time saving. Your customer service and support is simply fantastic. Keep up your amazing work. I recommend this site.

Average Rating:

Juneja 18:06:28 11-28-2016
You have won my trust!!!

You guys have literally won my trust because you didn't lied to me and you sent the product on time and you said the truth regarding shipping and the quality. I got my lehenga today and its super beautiful I am in love with it. This is surely gonna enhance my personality more..!. From now onwards, I can order without any fear. Thankyouuuu Nine colours!!!!!

Beenu Choudhary
Average Rating:

Ranchi 17:46:39 11-28-2016
Happy with services.

Wow! I am amazed that I got such beautiful and good quality product in this reasonable price. Everything I ordered was on time and well finished. I am happy with the service and overall had a great experience dealing with Ninecolours!

Ritu Savla
Average Rating:

Surat 17:41:50 11-28-2016
Thank you Ninecolours.

Thank you for helping me out and understanding my problem. I was really confused what to take for my wife on our first anniversary and I very much appreciate your customer service for suggesting me. Highly recommend Ninecolours to all my friends and family.

Average Rating:

Negi 17:34:33 11-28-2016
I am happy as well as surprised!!

All 3 of my ordered clothes are nice and I have got proper fitting there is no as such big issues. I am quite satisfied with the quality and the looks of my ordered items. I was sure that I will not get the order on promised date but once it got dispatched it was so quick that I got it on time and I was surprised. You made your customer happy!! Keep it up!!

Reena Bajaj
Average Rating:

Ahmednagar 17:27:44 11-28-2016
I am totally impressed.

I am really impressed with the way you handled my order and queries. Customer executive staff was really supportive and she heard me calmly. I ordered a kurti, suit and saree, all of them were value worthy and beautiful. I am looking forward to buy again form ninecolours!

Malini Malhotra
Average Rating:

Varanasi 17:17:12 11-28-2016
Good quality products!

I want to inform you know that botth my ordered saree and suit are beautiful and of good quality. I am satisfied. Initially I was thinking to cancel my order but now when I have got it. There's no chance to send it back because I know I won't get better deal.!

Apurva Jain
Average Rating:

Ratlam 17:02:13 11-28-2016
Perfect fitting at the first time !!

I got my perfect size in first time which is really a task for ladies. Thank you! I loved it. It is so amazing. I usually shop online but I was not knowing about m I will surely purchase more stuff not just for me but for my family also and I will recommend it to my friends too!!

Nidhi Mehta
Average Rating:

Jamshedpur 16:56:42 11-28-2016
You never Disappoint me!!

I loved my lehenga. It is different and Unique. It was a last minute purchase and I was too close to the event. I still received my order on time with perfect fitting. You guys have an awesome customer service and have never disappointed me whenever I needed the items to be delivered at the earliest. Keep up the good work, Cheers m !!

Average Rating:

Sinha 00:00:00 11-28-2016
Highly recommend

I received my both the orders on time. I liked it and it fitted properly as well. I have shopped from many online stores. You guys beat every ethnic online stores out there. Loved your commitment on shipment and the quick response on how the order is processed. Thank you. I highly recommend m.

Average Rating:

Patankar 00:00:00 11-28-2016
I amazed thank you so much

I received my order today and I am amazed, be it earrings, churidar suit or anarkali suit all of them are so beautiful just the same as shown in pictures. thank you so much! I hope it stays the same for long. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

Zanifa Shah
Average Rating:

British Columbia, Canada 11:36:14 11-25-2016
Very Nice!!

The saree and suit both are very nice. I received what I had ordered in a great condition. Everything is appreciated. Thank you very much, Ninecolours!!!

Kumkum Bharti
Average Rating:

Manglore 00:00:00 11-24-2016
Cooperative Staff

The staff of are really cooperative and they helped me throughout the process. I would like to recommend it!!

Jit Kaur
Average Rating:

Singapore 18:38:49 11-14-2016