7 Days Easy Returns Policy

Q1: I received the order. But there's an issue. Can I return my ordered items?

Yes, you absolutely can. At Ninecolours, we strive to focus on customer satisfaction. We take stringent measures to deliver Fashion Delight to our customers globally and to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers we have a “total buyer protection” program where the customer is covered under the following situations:

  1. If you don’t like the product you have received;
  2. The product delivered to you is defective/not as described;
  3. The wrong product was received.

Q2: How soon should I get back to you?

  1. Please reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving the order to report any complaints with regards to the product received as damaged, found with manufacturing defects, or any other issues.
  2. For a faster process, share the images of the received products highlighting the problem. In case of any measurement issue, mark the measurement of the received product with a measuring tape and share images of the same.

Please make sure the measuring tape is firmly held and correctly placed.

Q3: In what scenarios would you not accept any returns?

The circumstances listed below will not be eligible for any returns whatsoever:

  • We do not accept any returns if the product is dispatched to us after 7 days of return request confirmation, so please make sure you ship the item as soon you receive the confirmation from our end to ship the item back to us.
  • Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Accepted" Confirmation email from us; we will not be able to entertain such requests and there are chances that your parcel might get misplaced for which no compensation shall be done from our end.
  • Also, be apprised that our Kid's Wear/Men's Wear / Ready to Wear, Stitched and stitched / Luxury / customized products are not eligible for the Returns Policy but don’t worry if you face problems with the fitting of these garments we shall provide you free alterations in any case.

Q4. Why can’t I return Kid's Wear/Men's Wear / Stitched / Luxury / Custom-designed outfits?

Kids Wear / Men's Wear / Ready to Wear Stitched & Stitched / Luxury / customized products are all created as per your detailed preferences and body measurements and hence cannot be returned.

Q5. I have received my product but it’s not stitched as per the measurements provided. What can you do?

We have provisions for such circumstances as well.

If the error is from our end,

  1. We shall provide free alterations for the same.

If there was an error in the measurements provided by you,

  1. You shall still be entitled to a Free Alteration of the product(s)
  2. However, please be informed that you will have to bear the to-and-fro shipping cost of the parcel to our facility and back to you after the alteration is done.

Q6: What are the steps for returning any item ordered from Ninecolours?

  • Email Us

We welcome you to drop us an email regarding any concern that you might have regarding the order received by you. Please make sure to mention your order number correctly in the email. If possible we request you to please attach images pertaining to your complaint, it will help us to help you faster.

  • Return Request Confirmation
  • Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Accepted" Confirmation email from us; we will not be able to entertain such requests and there are chances that your parcel might get misplaced for which no compensation shall be done from our end.
  • We shall send you an email confirming the return request placed by you, approving you to ship the parcel back to our facility.
  • Shipping Back the Items

Once the return request is approved you are requested to dispatch the parcel as soon as possible and preferably through a reputed courier only. Please make sure to reply to the approval email with the shipment details as soon as you ship the parcel back to us.

  • Item Receipt and Inspection at Ninecolours

As per policy, our teams shall review the returned products and identify the defects/variations as highlighted by you.

  • Proposed proceedings post receipt of returned items

Post inspection of the returned item(s), our team will propose remedial solutions to you on a case-to-case basis:

  • Replacement of a fresh piece of the same item
  • A Store Credit that can be used to purchase any other alternate product on ninecolours.
  • A Refund is decided on a case-to-case basis.

Q7: What will be my options if there was an error by Ninecolours?

Be rest assured that we will duly acknowledge the issue and you would always be welcome to decide from proceeding with:

  1. An Item Replacement
  2. Issuance of a Store Credit which can be used to purchase again on Ninecolours.
  3. A Refund of order value.
  4. Partial compensation on a case-to-case basis.

Q8: What will be the value of Refund/Store Credit in case I opt for the same?

  • A 100% of the value of the goods including Shipping Costs and Stitching charges (as applicable) will be ensured.
  • In any case, the refunds will not exceed the actual amount paid by you.

Q9: But I had to pay the courier service for shipping the item back!

  • If we end up making an error at our end in spite of our best efforts, the refund of the extra shipping cost incurred during the return of the product will be ensured. However, in any other cases, the Shipping Charges and any other expenses like customs duties, etc. would be borne by you.
  • If there's an error at your end and you still want us to initiate a return, a flat 10% of the value of the shipment will be charged for the same.

Q10: What if there was a delay in delivery of your order?

There are times when the delivery of the goods is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, public holidays, etc. In such a case Ninecolours shall not refund, return, or exchange any order on request.


  • The details of the products or product specifications (for instance weight, color, handwork details, size, etc.) quoted with the product displays are only approximate values.
  • While every endeavor has been made to accurately reproduce colors, there may be minor variations in the color of the actual product because of the nature of fabric dyes, weather at the time of dying, and differences in display output due to lighting and digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors.
  • A customer must place an order keeping in mind this minor variation in color as seen on a computer screen against the actual color of the outfit received.
  • It is practically impossible for us to replicate the same colors on an outfit as seen on your monitor. A variation in the shade selected by you is considered as a normal practice as these garments have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and weather, type of camera used for photography, or type and settings on the computer monitor.
While ordering on the Internet, we suggest that customers should be extra careful of following -
  1. Red, maroon and orange colors have a higher tendency to reflect a different shade than other colors. For example, even if you yourself try to photograph from a digital camera or scan a red garment, in most cases it will show either as maroon or orange on the computer monitor and vice versa. Though imaging technology has advanced, still no foolproof solution to this problem is available at the moment.
  2. Many times green and blue shades also overlap. The same is the case with off-white, white, and cream colors. Sea Green color sometimes looks Aqua blue and the other way around.
  3. Some fabrics like raw silk, khadi silk, cotton silk, south cotton, and brocade have a textured effect where we can see the weaving & threads are visible in different directions which is an inherent characteristic or feature of that fabric and proof of its authenticity. These are not defects. This raw finish is the beauty of these fabrics.
  4. Handcrafted, hand dyed, hand printed, hand painted, hand embroidered, handloom, and hand weaved products will always have minor differences when we compare them as they are not made by machines. Each piece will be unique. Handicraft artisans always try their best to make each piece better than the previous one. So, the product will always have minor variations keeping the same theme constant in an artistic manner. The raw finish of the handicrafts cannot be compared with machine-finished products as this raw finish is the beauty of the handicrafts items.
Beads/Stones and Sequences Missing or Coming off we believe that customers who are ordering items with sequence and other beaded embroidery are aware of the fact that these shiny embellishments have a tendency to come off. Even with the best of handling and care, this cannot be avoided altogether. Many a time during strict physical checking at the customs during transit, more than usual sequences and beads come off. Many a time it may happen that you open a box and find some pieces falling down on the floor. Or you wear the dress and in a few hours you might lose some of them. Do not panic or over-react because if you look with a magnifying glass at any such dresses/sarees worn by others, you will most certainly find some pieces missing or almost in a state of falling down.