1.Annual Report 2022-23:

Annual Report 2022-2023

2.Annual Report 2021-22:

Annual Report 2021-2022

3.Annual Report 2020-21:

Annual Report 2020-2021

4.Annual Report -2019-20:

Annual Report -2019-2020

5.Annual Report 2018-19:

Annual Report 2018-2019

6.Annual Report 2017-18:

Annual Report 2017-2018

1.Form MGT 7 2022-23:

Form_MGT_7 2022-23

2.Form MGT 7 2021-22:

Form_MGT_7 2021-2022

3.Form MGT 7 2020-21:

Form_MGT_7 2020- 2021

1.Board and Committee:

Board and Committee details

2.Board and Committee-6Sept2023:

Board and Committee details after 6th September, 2023

1.Sexual Harassment Prevention:

Sexual Harassment Prevention

2.Preservation of Documents:

Policy on preservation of documents

3.Determining Materiality Events:

Policy on determination of materiality of events.

4.Determining MaterialSubsidiary:

Policy for determining material subsidiary

5.Familiarization Programme:

Familiarization Programme

6.Criteria- Make Payment to NED:

Criteria for making payment to NED

7.Code for ID as per schedule IV:

Code for ID as per schedule IV

1.Corporate Governance Dec2023:

Corporate Governance Report 31-12-2023

2.Corporate Governance Sept2023:

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2023

3.Corporate Governance June2023:

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2023

4.Corporate Governance Mar2023:

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2023

5.Corporate Governance Dec2022:

Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2022

6.Corporate Governance Sept2022:

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2022

7.Corporate Governance June2022:

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2022

1.Financial Results Dec2023:

Financial Results 31-12-2023

2.Financial Result Sept2023:

Financial Result 30.09.2023

3.Financial Result June2023:

Financial Result 30.06.2023

4.Financial Result March2023:

Financial Result 31.03.2023

5.Financial Result Dec2022:

Financial Result 31.12.2022

6.Financial Result Sept2022:

Financial Result 31.09.2022

7.Financial Result June2022:

Financial Result 30.06.2022

8.Financial Result March2022:

Financial Result 31.03.2022

9.Financial Result Dec2021:

Financial Result 31.12.2021

10.Financial Result Sept2021:

Financial Result 30.09.2021

11.Financial Result June2021:

Financial Result 30.06.2021

1.AGM Notice 2023:

AGM Notice 2023

2.AGM Notice 2022:

AGM Notice 2022

3.AGM Notice 2021:

AGM Notice 2021


RTA & Investors Contact Grievance.

1.Scrutinizers Report 2022-23:

Scrutinizers Report_2022-2023

2.Scrutinizers Report 2021- 22:

Scrutinizers Report 2021-2022

3.Scrutinizers Report 2020-2021:

Scrutinizers Report_2020-2021

1.Shareholding Pattern Dec2023:

Shareholding Pattern Dec2023

2.Shareholding Pattern Sept2023:

Shareholding Pattern- September, 2023

3.Shareholding Pattern June2023:

Shareholding Pattern- June,2023

4.Shareholding Pattern Mar 2023:

Shareholding Pattern- March 2023

5.Shareholding Pattern Dec2022:

Shareholding Pattern-December 2022

6.Shareholding Pattern Sept2022:

Shareholding Pattern-SEPT 2022

7.Shareholding Pattern June2022:

Shareholding Pattern- June,2022

8.Shareholding Pattern 31MAR2022:

Shareholding Pattern 31MAR2022

9.Shareholding Pattern Dec2021:

Shareholding Pattern Dec2021

10.Shareholding Pattern Sept2021:

Shareholding Pattern Sept2021

11.Shareholding 30June2021:

Share Holding Pattern 30 June 2021