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Salwar Kameez Online

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The traditional Salwar-Kameez, also known as "Shalwar-Qameez" is an article of clothing that is a staple in the Indian wardrobe and is one of the most sought-after and popular suits for women. Simpler to don on than the saree, yet pretty much showcasing the same level of ethnic elegance and sophistication, the Salwar-Kameez or the salwar suits comprise one of the top choices, especially for the younger generation of Indian women when it comes to expressing the aforementioned qualities through dressing.

It's not just in India where this garment is highly favoured. Other nations in South and Central Asia regard it the very same way as well. One of the reasons for that, apart from ease of wearing, is it's versatility. From traditional ceremonies and festivals to parties, it can be found useful and appropriate across a multitude of different occasions.

The 'Salwar' refers to the trousers that are wide at the waist and narrow down further, held with drawstrings. The 'Kameez' in question, refers to the top, tunic or long shirt. This is complimented by the Dupatta, the traditional scarf or shawl. The Salwar, the Kameez, and the Dupatta can be of the same shade and patterns, or of different, but complementary ones, depending on how formal or casual the wearer wants it to be. You can choose one from the available variety of salwar suits designs.

As we're truly passionate about fashion and apparel, we have built a large collection including various types of ethnic wear such as the Salwar-Kameez as well as other designer suits for women to make sure that you get to pick the most suitable choice. Unstitched Suits, Anarkali Suits, Patiala Suits, straight-cut types, Bollywood style suits, you name it. We love catering to a wide and diverse audience with equally wide and diverse tastes.

And in case you want to remain updated of all of our latest designs, including the selections that are seasonal, the 'New Arrivals' section is there for this very reason. How convenient!

Now let's take a closer look at the various types of suits, to help give you clarity for your very next purchase.

It is exactly what it sounds like. A half-stitched Salwar-Kameez, mostly with the side seams left unstitched, that can be further stitched as per the size of the individual wearer.

Unstitched Suits

This one deserves no explanation. You get the materials and you can tailor it to your precise measurements for extra comfort, style and personalisation.

Casual Suits

Casual Suits are excellent choices for everyday wear. Typically they come with simpler, brighter patterns and colours, especially if you are interested in a more modern style that reflects the principles of minimalism.

Party Suits

Party Suits are the perfect blend between a formal suit, with the colourful vibrance of a casual suit. They are often decked with fine embroidery and other intricate works.

Wedding Suits

Wedding suits can include both bridal suits  as well as ones worn while attending a wedding. These beautiful masterpieces are lovingly crafted for the occasion with elegant and clean designs that blend into the whole atmosphere of the occasion without standing out too much.

Churidar Suits

The Churidar may seem very similar to the Salwar-Kameez at a glance, but in reality, it is the modern variant of the same and the differences are all in the details. The Churidar in many ways resembles leggings and is tighter in fit throughout. They are more popular than the Salwar-Kameez as they are a better casual option.

Anarkali Suits

The Anarkali Suit takes the more relaxed vibe of the Salwar-Kameez and turns it into something truly special. Unlike the Kameez, the tunic here gradually develops into a frock, creating a wonderful look, perfect for all forms of formal occasions including celebrations, festivals, weddings, so on and so forth. There are even a variety of designer anarkali suits you can choose from.

Patiala Suits

While the Anarkali Suit changes the Kameez, the Patiala Suit changes the Salwar. It is mightily comfortable with pleats and folds that decorate it and give it, it's distinguished appearance.

Bollywood Original Suits

You can browse through our collection of iconic apparel worn by your favourite actress, during iconic moments of Bollywood film history, to find the one that has captured your fancy for years and years.

Straight-Cut Suits

Want a more simple and chic look out of your Salwar-Kameez or Churidar? Look no further than the Straight-Cut Suit. Excellent for both casual and formal occasions depending on colours and patterns.

Palazzo Pant Suits

While this isn't an ethnic choice, it is a western style that screams avant-garde. It is a bold choice, for unleashing the true rebel in you.

The Wedding Gown

The wedding gown has been adopted, especially in Christian weddings and is a wonderful piece of design, giving the bride a memorable aura that is not easily surpassed.

A General Tip

While many of these articles of dress are used for more special occasions, it pays to keep them safe, clean and in proper storage when not in use. After all, they hold memories of the experiences you've had with them. And those are truly, your very own. These are wonderful works of art, reflecting centuries of cultural heritage, and deserve to be cherished.

Our Online Store

We are proud to mention that we've successfully promoted these beautiful traditional styles of apparel not just in India, but worldwide. 220 countries across the globe, to be precise. In India, you can expect your purchase to arrive from 7 to 10 days of order if you live in a Metropolitan city or 10 to 15 days in other cities. And of course, you can access the entirety of our catalogue from the comfort of your home, with just a click of a button. Moreover, the highly skilled artisans who painstakingly create these cultural representations deserve to be supported. Now that is a cause truly worth fighting for.